Semester Calendar Fall 2015

Semester Calendar BTP Fall 2015

Date Event
Sep 19 (Saturday) Induction/Website/Resume Review seminar
Sep 25 (Friday) BBQ
Oct 2 (Friday) Movie Night (no good movies out tho)
Oct 9-11 (Friday-Sunday) Outdoors weekend
Oct 17 (Saturday) Capture the flag in the tunnels/Chairing/Brothering Ceremony (9:30 pm)
Oct 24th (Saturday) Alumni Distinguished Speaker
Oct 25 (Sunday) Family Brunch
Oct 31 (Saturday) Halloween Mixer
Nov 7th (Saturday) Rock Climbing (Pledges & Bigs)
Nov 8th (Sunday) Fire & Ice (Election Nominations)
Nov 11 (Wednesday) Possible Community Service
Nov 14 (Saturday) Begin Decorating House
Nov 15 (Sunday) Initiation & Movie Night
Nov 21 (Saturday) Mixer with NE BTP and NE Delta Phi Epsilon
Nov 22nd (Sunday) Elections
Nov 26-29 Thanksgiving break, no events officially scheduled
Dec 5 Pizza Bonanza
Dec 11 Possible Alumni Event