Machine Shop


3D Printers
Cube Pro Duo Up Mini PrintrBot Prusa Rerap
PCB Fabrication
Othermill Pro
Subtractive Prototyping
Laser Cutter
EE Equipment
Oscilliscopes Power Supplies Function Generators Soldering Stations
Hand Tools
 Drills  Handsaws  Clamps  Assorted
Power Tools
Band Saw  Table Saw  Drill Press  Various Saws
CAD/SoftWare Stations
PC Desktops Mac Desktop

General Details:

The Beta Theta Pi Machine Shop is the first fraternity machine shop ever. We were founded in 2015 by the current seniors at Beta with support from our national fraternity/alumni organization to provide a place for Betas to practice engineering and learn by doing.

We take safety very seriously and have proper-use procedures for each of our machines in addition to numerous safety plans. There are also security cameras which monitor the shop at all times. Access to the shop and use of the equipment is limited to brothers who have undergone training on Beta shop equipment and at least one shop on campus. In addition brothers are not permitted to use the machine shop alone at any time. These are all rules to ensure the safety of the brothers and the continuation of the shop as a place to do fun projects and learn.

Update: 8/27/2016

Our Shop got renovated this summer! We now have more space (x2)!  Pictures below are old, new pictures coming soon!

IMG_0901 IMG_0902

Want to Contribute to Beta’s Machine Shop?

Make a Donation: Beta Theta Pi Machine Shop Crowd Funding