CPW 2017 — Events at the Beta House!

Welcome 2021s!  All the brothers of the Beta Upsilon Chapter would like to welcome you to our CPW events throughout the weekend. Stop by for free food and fun times!

Friday 8pm-2am
Board Games at Beta
Don’t fancy yourself as the party type, or you aren’t sure what to do on a Friday night? Come chill with us. Play board games and drink milkshakes with the Beta Brothers instead of wasting your Friday night.

Saturday 12-2pm
A Deep Fried Taste Of Kenmore Square
Ever wonder what a deep fried McChicken would taste like? How about deep fried Bertucci’s Pizza? We will have a selection of the finest local food, battered and deep fried (double deep fried fries?!?). Some regular food will be available for people who want functioning arteries.

Saturday 8pm-2am
Laser Maze
Ever watched a spy movie and thought, psh, I could crawl through those lasers without tripping the alarm. Well this is your chance to prove it! Come try the maze, and while you are waiting, talk to the nerds who built it! We will also have virtual reality demos, video games, and of course, free food.

All our events will be held at our house in Kenmore Square, 119 Bay State Road, Boston 02215. Take the Saferide Boston East and exit on Silber Way for easy transport. Email rushbeta@mit.edu with any questions – hope to see you guys here!