Why Beta?

OUR HISTORY: The Founding of Beta Theta Pi

At nine o’clock on the evening of the eighth day of the eighth month of the year 1839, eight earnest young men, all students at Miami University, held the first meeting of Beta Theta Pi in the Hall of the Union Literary Society, an upper room in the old college building (known as “Old Main”). The eight founders in the order in which their names appear in the minutes were:

  • John Reily Knox, 1839
  • Samuel Taylor Marshall, 1840
  • David Linton, 1839
  • James George Smith, 1840
  • Charles Henry Hardin, 1841
  • John Holt Duncan, 1840
  • Michael Clarkson Ryan, 1839
  • Thomas Boston Gordon, 1840

      “of ever honored memory”

OUR MISSION: To develop men of principle for a principled life

OUR VISION: Every member will live Beta Theta Pi’s values

  1. Mutual Assistance – Betas believe that men are mutually obligated to help others in the honorable labors and aspirations of life.
  2. Intellectual Growth – Betas are devoted to continually cultivating their minds, including high standards of academic achievement.
  3. Trust – Betas develop absolute faith and confidence in one another by being true to themselves and others.
  4. Responsible Conduct – Betas choose to act responsibly, weighing the consequences of their actions on themselves and those around them.
  5. Integrity – Betas preserve their character by doing what is morally right and demanding the same from their brothers.

OUR CHAPTER: We sing the altar

What sets Beta apart?

Our tight-knit, diverse, and intellectually-driven Men of Principle dedicated to forging lasting bonds of friendship and a brotherhood. Betas are makers, start-up founders, musicians, pilots, and Team USA athletes.

We’re proud to call our two newly-renovated brownstones – in the heart of Kenmore Square overlooking the Charles River and MIT – home. We boast a state-of-the-art, fully-furnished machine shop, gym, library, music room, and gourmet chef and kitchen.

Since our chapter founding in 1913 at MIT, we’ve continued to demonstrate excellence on campus and across chapters worldwide. We’ve won a plethora of General Fraternity awards, including the coveted Sisson Award for chapter distinction, Virginia Tech Award for Excellence in Academics, Campus Involvement for chapter leadership, and most recently the Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development.  We’ve turned over 1,100 distinguished alumni who have continued to succeed and make our chapter proud.

OUR ALUMNI: Betas are brothers for life

Our extensive Beta Upsilon alumni span CEOs, billionaires, astronauts, professors, and entrepreneurs – not to mention over 200,000-plus Betas initiated across the globe since its founding in 1839.

  • Mark Bloomberg, Patent Litigation Attorney Zuoer Lawler & Del Duca
  • Larry Casson, lP Attorney, Kenyon & Kenyon
  • John Kerins, Administrative Law Judge, US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Alan Laves, Partner, Akin. Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
  • Mike Rechtin, Partner, Holland and Knight
  • Lew Bender, CEO, Interleukin Genetics
  • Ken Bryan, VP Operations, Hexcel Corp
  • Jerry Cole, VP Financial Planning & Analysis, Iron Mountain
  • Seth Davis, Division Leader, Draper Labs
  • Mark Goldberg. Chief Operating Officer, PAREXEL International
  • Craig Katz. Producer, Mutual Broadcasting System
  • Bill Koch, President of Oxbow Group & winner of the America’s Cup
  • Dave and Charles Koch, owners of Koch Industries & prolific philanthropists
  • David Krall, CEO of Roku and Avid Technology
  • Bill Maimone, VP, Salesforce.com
  • Marty St. George, Sr. VP, JetBlue Airways
  • Mike Feinstein, CEO, Jitso, Past VP Sales and Marketing, Digital Lumens
  • Bill Chesterson, CEO, Advent Design
  • David Samuel, Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist
  • Steve Silberberg, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Bob Struble, CEO, IBiquity Digital
  • Ed Schreyer, CEO, Qmetrics Technologies
  • Bob Ramstad, CEO, Access Group
  • Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist
  • Andrew Chess, Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Bob Labarre, Prominent Cardiologist
  • Eugene Lou, Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Dennis Smith, Prominent Surgeon
  • Dick Tsien, Chair of the Department of Physiology and Neuroscience, New York University
  • Kee Wee, Director, Nuclear Medicine, Houston Northwest Radiology
  • Don Argus, Scientist, Jet Propulsion Labs
  • Ken Cameron, Astronaut & Space Shuttle Pilot, NASA
  • George Chen, Engineer, Jet Propulsion Labs
  • Gary Henderson, Research Specialist, Lockheed Martin
  • Herman Marshall, Research Physicist, MIT
  • Mike Wargo, Chief Exploration Scientist, NASA
  • Mark Cooper, SVP, PIMCO
  • John Chisholm, Exec VP and co-CIO, Acadian Asset Management
  • Matt Denesuk, Partner, IBM Venture Capital Group
  • Dave Milich, Partner, Cyrus Capital Partners
  • Steve Ponzio, Director, Citigroup
  • Alex Romeo, Legg Mason
  • Rob Boye, Sandia National Lab
  • Paul Rothman, Dean and CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Hal Stern, Dean, UC Irvine School of Information & Computer Sciences
  • Sam Walton – Missouri ’40: Founder and Chairman of Walmart
  • John Wooden – Purdue ’32: UCLA Basketball Coaching Legend
  • Bill Bowerman – Oregon ’65 Co-Founder of Nike
  • Donald Peterson – Washington ’46: CEO of Ford Motor Co
  • Neil Everett – Oregon ’84: Broadcaster for ESPN’s Sportscenter
  • Shahid Khan – Illinois ’70: Owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • John Turner – British Columbia ’49: Prime Minister of Canada
  • Harold Hook – Missouri ’53 President of Boy Scouts of America
  • Hugh McColl – North Carolina ’57 CEO of Bank of America
  • Richard Heckert – Miami ’44: CEO of DuPont
  • Dan Carney – Wichita State ’63: Founder of Pizza Hut

OUR FIRSTS: The Leadership Fraternity

  • Vice President of the United States
  • Prime Minister of Canada
  • 200+ members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives – more than any other fraternity – including two Speakers of the House
  • Eight U.S. Supreme Court Justices – more than any other fraternity
  • Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
  • 32 Ambassadors
  • 50 Governors to 23 States
  • Two Canadian Premiers
  • Six Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients
  • Seven Presidential Medal of Freedom Honorees
  • Four Astronauts
  • 34 Olympic Gold Medals
  • Three Nobel Prize Laureates
  • 85 Rhodes Scholars – more than any other fraternity